Always Working On What’s NExt

Fast thinking strategic flywheel for clients, Libby’s future-forward insights, trends, and strategic frameworks help clients best navigate today and anticipate the next 3-5 years.

As Chief Strategy Officer, she runs the Thought Leadership and Futures practice at the Harris Poll. Previously she ran strategy departments at ad agencies focusing on branding, product launches, consumer insights, digital trends, and innovation. Libby has been fortunate for nearly two decades to consult with top Fortune 100 brands and rising all-stars. Her research has been on the stages of Davos, Cannes, SXSW, and CES.

UNLOCKING what’s next

The world was already on fast track path accelerating towards change before Covid-19, but now this pandemic has transformed micro-trends into tsunami-like cultural waves that will dramatically impact what our ‘next normal’ looks, feels, and acts like for the next 2-5 years (e.g. see  my blog posts that exemplify this point).

Meanwhile, consumers are seeking truth-tellers, thought leaders, and vanguards that will lead them into a future worth getting excited about.  However, they don’t want it from anyone, they want it from brands that are true reflections of their rising expectations, emerging desires, and new non-negotiable needs.

Consumers are looking to brands to act as investigative journalists,  scientists, and community developers to usher culture into a new era of understanding, optimism, and enlightenment.

Latest Work

While, much of what Libby and her team create at The Harris Poll is shared in the public space as thought leadership content, there is a good chunk of interesting work they can’t share but has amazing cross-industry implications making their work insightful and meaningful to clients across multiple categories. The list below isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but just an idea of the projects Libby has been working on lately.

Currently Working On 

  • State Of Gen Z Women
  • Future Of Credit Card Benefits
  • Real World Benefits Of Fintech Adoption
  • The Future Of Retirement
  • Reopening Retail Playbooks
  • Mental Health of Teens

In The Last Six Months

  • Unlocking Female Investors In The US & Japan
  • Entertainment & Media Trend Tracking (Quant)
  • Northstar Retail Experience Vision & Journey Mapping
  • Millennials and Money Trends & Taboos
  • New Product Launch (Financial Industry)
  • Understanding Female Entrepreneurs

Libby TEAM’s WORK Featured In…

Research built for attention


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Sober Notes & Silver Linings, The Pulse Of Covid-19

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Being A Good Citizen Is Hard, The Pulse Of Covid-19

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Trends Emerging 3 Days Before NYC Quarantine

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