Recent Speaking Engagement & Events 

Libby frequently speaks at conferences, webinars, and corporate events. She is often booked to discuss emerging consumer, cultural and industry trends backed by data and research.

Women, Wealth Accumulation and Retirement

Insights from PIMCO and Harris Poll research on women’s approach to investing and retirement and the obstacles they face. 

Women Investors Value a Return on Lifestyle

When it comes to investing, women are more interested in improving their quality of life and meeting both short-and long-term goals than just beating the market. 

Burnout Flashpoint - Stress epidemic american women

Burnout Flashpoint ANA Webinar- Speaker

Meredith and The Harris Poll’s landmark new study, “Burnout Flashpoint,” about the impending stress epidemic that American women will continue to confront in 2020. Most listened to ANA webinar of 2019.

Burnout Flashpoint - Stress epidemic american women

NARAL Executive Panel Access For Success- Speaker

Presenting the finding from the NARAL Harris Poll research on the intersection of business & reproductive rights.

Intro to Gen Z- Guest Speaker

Addressing the unique trends affecting next generation and their relationship to brands. 


TD Ameritrade FIRE 'Financial Independence Retire Early' Moderator

An invite only panel for top financial journalists featuring Grant Sabatier of Millennial Money & JP Livingston. Moderated by Libby Rodney at NASDAQ headquarters. 

Holmes Report In2 Innovation Summit- Panelist

LatAm Millennials Research Presentation & Moderator @ Mastercard LatAm Global Innovation Conference

Do you want powerful new trends backed by data to shift the way your audience thinks about the world? Let’s chat. 

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